Stage costume F 0132


USD 720 USD 1107 – for adults
USD 649 USD 997 – for children

Details: costume, armlets..

The costume is made on the basis of the professional basic tutu # T 0001B with run-flat edges (see section "Basic tutus").
The bodice on the straps is made of the semi-stretched dense fabric.
The bodice has two rows of hooks for the comfortable regulation and an inner cord to tighten the bodice at the chest level.
The luxurious décor on the bodice, the bodice and sleeves made of fragments decorated with guipure on the edge of the Ornamental tesmoy.Vsyu emphasize the beauty of the decor elegant contrast applikatsii.Blesk attach stones, glass beads and paetki.

Terms of manufacturing orders (from the date of receipt of the money to the account)
1. Finished products (bathing suits, leotards, skirts) - from several days to three weeks, depending on the size of the order.
2. Costumes - for 4-6 weeks.
3. Special orders - within 4-6 - weeks.
4. Claims will be handled within 2 weeks of receipt of goods by the customer.
5. We guarantee prompt delivery to the address you specify.


You can describe any colors at your discretion...